What is a Spanish Latte? Here’s How You Can Make One at Home

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spanish latte

How do you want your espresso? I personally want it in a big cup, steaming sizzling, with two sugars. 

In accordance with an unofficial survey, only 35% of those who appreciate the refreshing aroma of espresso want it black.

The remainder of 65% want sugar and/or cream to deliver out the flavour and mellow out the zing of that first sip. 

Nonetheless, no matter desire, most espresso drinkers prefer to really feel the punch of caffeine after they get pleasure from their favourite morning beverage.

In translation, most individuals like a robust espresso, so long as it’s blended with elements that reduce down the bitterness. 

Fortunately for us, espresso is a flexible beverage that blends properly with a variety of flavors and textures.

As proof, now we have chains like Starbucks and Costa (simply to call two world-renowned manufacturers that make a residing out of promoting espresso) and new varieties of espresso appear to pop up each season ( you, Pumpkin Spice Latte!).

Nonetheless, even when a number of the new blends are fairly fashionable, most individuals will at all times return for the classics: cappuccino, macchiato, and common Lattes. Subsequently, right now we’ll speak about one of many classics that’s extraordinarily appreciated all around the world: the Spanish Latte.

spanish latte

What’s a Spanish Latte & Is It Actually Spanish?

The Café con Leche (that’s how a Spanish individual would order a Spanish Latte) has a novel and wealthy taste with out dropping something from that caffeine kick we crave.

This beverage’s origins appear to have began in Spain, nevertheless it was so extremely popular that nowadays people enjoy it all over the world, particularly throughout Latin America, Florida, and the Philippines. 

So, isn’t this only a common Latte? 

Since it’s a robust espresso ready with sizzling milk, it’s straightforward to consider the Spanish Latte as simply one other espresso with milk. And, whereas technically you’d be proper (it’s a combination of espresso and milk), you couldn’t be extra improper. 

To start with, Café con Leche is a breakfast beverage as a result of it’s made with espresso and complete milk (equal components). Consequently, the drink is heavier and extra filling than a Latte and has a sweeter style.

Furthermore, a Spanish Latte is served hotter than different drinks so you’ll be able to get pleasure from its distinctive creaminess and thickness. 

Additionally, a regular Latte (which is an Italian beverage) is made with foamed or steamed milk and has a layer of froth on the high. This doesn’t occur with a Spanish Latte, which is a straightforward and chic drink with a wealthy and creamy texture. 

In abstract, Café con Leche has a thicker, creamier texture and is a bit sweeter than Lattes (with out added flavored syrup). That is because of the method these two drinks are ready and the way the elements are added.

spanish latte

Spanish Latte Recipe


As any barista will let you know, a high-end Spanish Latte requires high-end elements. Furthermore, whereas the recipe doesn’t embody many elements, the key to its divine style stands within the preparation course of.

  • Water
  • Espresso
  • Complete milk (you may as well use 2% in the event you’re not a fan of complete milk)
  • Make certain the water you’re utilizing is of the highest quality. Which means that it must be clear and it shouldn’t style humorous (which might occur if the water has a excessive focus of minerals or it comes from the faucet in a crowded metropolis).  So, in case you have doubts, higher use bottled or filtered water as an alternative.

  • Select the espresso beans to your espresso and ensure they’re finely floor. It’s finest to grind the beans proper earlier than making the espresso, for an added taste of freshness.

  • Brew the espresso utilizing the beans and water chosen above. In the event you don’t have an espresso machine, you should use a stove-top espresso maker or you’ll be able to merely make a really robust espresso.

  • Place the milk in a pot or pan and warmth it as much as about 82° F (27.7° C) – you may as well scald it within the microwave, however be certain that it doesn’t boil. Subsequent, you’ll need to froth it, to provide it some texture. When you’ve got a frother, then this step must be straightforward, however in the event you’re a newbie, take a look at this milk frothing tutorial, to get some expertise.

  • Once you attain this step, you need to have each the milk and the espresso prepared, which suggests it’s time to combine them! A standard Cafe con Leche has equal components of espresso and milk, so measure either side earlier than placing them collectively. Additionally, be certain that to pour the milk into the espresso, and never the opposite method round, to provide the drink a creamy texture.

  • Add taste or sugar. This step is elective, and if you would like a basic Spanish Latte, not mandatory. Nonetheless, if you wish to get artistic, go forward and use your favourite flavors.

What Ought to It Style Like?

If that is your first time tasting Spanish Late (made at residence or in a espresso store), it helps to know what to anticipate. 

As I already talked about, the actual deal has a creamy texture and may have a barely candy style. And, since it’s made with espresso, you’ll really feel the ability of the espresso however not the bitter style related to it (because of the excessive ratio of milk). 

Wrap Up

Spanish Latte is actually a sublime and easy espresso drink that blends high-quality elements with a view to create a novel concord of tastes. Furthermore, individuals get pleasure from it a lot that yow will discover it in several variations all around the world.

Drinks akin to Havana Latte, Cuban Latte, and even Vietnamese Espresso characteristic related recipes with slight variations. 

Total, whether or not it’s Latte, espresso, cappuccino, or in every other kind espresso continues to be one of the fashionable drinks appreciated all around the globe.

So why not get pleasure from its versatility and the individuality of every tradition each time now we have the possibility?

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