Top 10 Coffee Shops in Cape Town

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If there is one thing that you definitely know that you are going to be able to get in Cape Town, it is a great cup of coffee. With so many amazing coffee shops to choose from, it can be hard to know exactly where to go. So, to help you find the ideal cup, we have put together our guide to the top 10 coffee shops in Cape Town for you to try out.

Truth Coffee

This shop makes the best coffee and that is the truth. Not only is Truth Coffee known around Cape Town, but it is also thought to be the best in the whole of South Africa. It can get busy, but if you are not too bothered about waiting in line, then this is definitely worth the wait!

Origin Coffee Roasting

One of the first coffee shops in Cape Town, Origin have had plenty of years to make sure that they serve up the perfect cup of coffee. Whilst they may have plenty of history, this particular coffee company does not live in the past, they are always looking at ways to improve their blends and make sure that their customers are happy.

Bootlegger Coffee Company

One problem that can arise with chain coffee shops is that they can start to become mass produced and lose that personal feel. This definitely is not true for Bootlegger Coffee. Sure, they have plenty of shops dotted around that you can choose from, but they all still have all the cozy comfort that comes with a small, independent coffee shop.


Deluxe is a coffee shop that is not afraid to embrace the idea of value for money. It is no secret that some of the other coffee shops in Cape Town have hiked up their prices over the years, but Deluxe have tried to keep their prices fair. Ideal for a quick grab and go, this is great coffee but with no frills.


If you are looking for the perfect breakfast, or brunch spot then you need to look no further than Jarryds. Not only do they do some amazing food, but they also can serve up a pretty amazing cup of coffee too. You can even choose from two different locations, with the Bree Street shop a much more tucked away and quieter option.

Bean There Coffee Company

If there is one thing that Bean There take great pride in, it is being an ethical coffee shop. They started off as a small venture, however, thanks to their morals and their delicious blends, they have started to spread out throughout South Africa and even have their beans in national supermarkets too.

Espresso Lab

If you can get past the somewhat clinical décor that Espresso Lab seems to embrace, then you are going to find one of the most perfect cups of coffee ever. Not only do they use a variety of brewing processes to make sure that the beans taste their best, but the staff are also warm and welcoming too.


One of the newer coffee shops in Cape Town, Rosetta is known not only for providing attention to detail with every single cup of coffee that they make, but also for always welcoming their customers with a warm and friendly approach. Just what you want when it comes to enjoying a cup of coffee in the city.

Field Office

Laid-back and ideal as for those who are looking for somewhere to set up their laptop and work for the day. The great thing about Field Office is that whilst they offer great coffee (and delicious snacks) they are also a showroom for Pederson + Lennard furniture, which means that you can shop whilst you enjoy a coffee.


Now, Clarkes isn’t strictly a coffee shop, but this diner is definitely somewhere to go if you want to enjoy a delicious cup. Not only do they have a wide range of early morning specials, but the atmosphere is pretty great here too. We love the fact that you can see into the kitchen and check out everything that is happening.

Need a bit more inspiration? Why not see if you can find more coffee shops in Cape Town here? You never know, you might find the most perfect cup of coffee as well as a chance for you to indulge in a spot of me time.

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