These Are The Desserts That Go Really Well With Coffee

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We all love a dark roast, with or without milk and creamer. Coffee has a wide range of flavors and can produce a symphony of sensory experiences, too. Different coffee beans produce different flavors, too, and so does the way it’s roasted and prepared. With a plethora of ways to describe the flavor of coffee (nutty, flowery, rich, intense, smokey…) there are also a handful of ways to pair this beloved dark drink.

What Does Coffee Go With?


Preferably chocolate cake (any cake will actually do) for it’s cocoa essense, coffee is twinned excellently with this popular dessert dish. Cake can come in many forms (wet, spongy, dry. dense, etc) but our favorite way to pair coffee and cake is when the cake has a spongy consistency. How do you pair these two? Gabriel, one of our content creators, says that he enjoys eating a mouthful of spongy chocolate cake and washing it down with an unsweetened cuppocino. Some say he’s crazy, some say he’s pure genius. What do you think of this combination?

Biscuits and Rusks

One of the most comforting ways to drink a cup of coffee is to slowly dip and soak your favorite biscuit or rusk. The result is a slightly moist, but still crunchy, bit of biscuit or rusk that melts and crunches in your mouth at the same time. Does it sound like a mouthful? It certainly is one of our favorite mouthfuls for sure!

Ice Cream

Whichever favorite is your favorite, this cold dessert paired with a hot cup of coffee is a match made in heaven. Eat a spoonful of vinalla ice cream and wash it down with an espresso to see what we mean. If you’re feeling experimental, try mint, nut flavors and chocolate flavors paired with your favorite coffee. Something to note about this pairing is that it works wonders when blended together! We love icecream coffee, and we’re sure you will too!

Hot Crossed Buns

A classic for everyone, we’re sure of it. This breakfast treat paired with a cup of coffee will send your taste buds soaring across the sky. It reminds us of a much simpler time, of cozy chats under a Christmas tree with the family, or of rainy days where we cuddled up next to our loved ones.


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