These Are Some Of The Best Times To Drink Coffee

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We all love a good cup of joe for different reasons. Some of us crave the intense concentration that comes with a hot cup of coffee – in the morning, or before work – while the rest of us may drink coffee for its aromatic essence or energy-boosting characteristics.

It’s undeniable that this special hot-drink has its time to shine in many places In our life.

Regardless of which time you decide to drink coffee, it’s always important to remain aware of the effects of coffee, and how it’s affecting your body, so make sure you get clued up before indulging.

If you want to experience the effects of coffee to their fullest and avoid any negative side effects, do not consume more than the recommended amount.

With that being said, here are some of the best times to drink coffee:

In The Morning

In the US, 65% of coffee lovers drink their joe in the morning with their breakfast, and for a good reason, too. Sure, it’s a fabulous drink to pair with your breakfast and to bring an aroma into your morning, but the sheer concentration, energy boost, and alertness that coffee can bring about one’s morning is undeniably useful. Whether you’re about to head off to work, go complete tasks, or simply need a kick-start for the day, coffee with breakfast is bound to bring you that electrifying feeling you need for the day.

Before Exercising

It’s no myth that coffee increases energy levels and boosts physical performance shortly after consumption. This is due to the adrenaline-releasing effect of caffeine on our brain, increasing our physical performance by up to 11%. So, next time you’re feeling too tired to workout, or you’re craving a quick and easy pre-workout fix, try taking a shot of coffee and take note of the changes in your energy levels. Remember to drink your coffee at least 45 minutes before you exercise so that the caffeine takes effect during your workout.

Before Socializing

This may seem daunting at first, but caffeine’s effect on our concentration and energy levels can benefit us at social events, too. If you decide to socialize and wish to remain sober, coffee can be an incredible tool to help you remain chatty, energetic, and awake for an extended period of time. However, caffeine lasts for around 9 hours, so make sure that if you do decide to drink coffee before seeing friends, you drink it with your bedtime in mind. Additionally, if you experience social anxiety, you may want to avoid this option as it spikes your energy levels.


There are so many times throughout the day where a cup of coffee would make any of us smile. Try and see which time works the best for you.

If you want to know more about caffeine, and the benefits it has on our body, check out our previous blog; What Are The Physical Benefits Of Drinking Coffee?

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