The Best Coffee Shops In Garden Route For Freelancers

Over time coffee shops have served as a unique space for most creatives and freelancers. The convenience and comfort most coffee shops provide means they are not just an ordinary space but an office away from your face. 

Every freelancer is always on the lookout for that coffee shop where they can maximize their performance, and actually get a good number of work done. 

If you are a freelancer in the Garden Route, the following is a list of some of the best coffee shops you should check out. 


Lunar Café 

One of the peculiar traits of the Lunar Café is that it has an incredibly fast WiFi. What’s more the environment is quite relaxing and comfortable. This makes it the ideal spot to get your work done or just relax after a long day out. Lunar Café is suitable for both work and relaxation. 

Plettenberg Bay

Double Shot

What do you get when you combine a relaxing environment, and a functional workspace? Well the answer is Double Shot. This place has one of the best coffee in Garden Route as well as a fantastic hospitality. Just make sure you try their freshly made treats before you leave. Trust us when we say you would be back for more. 


Pause Coffee Roastery 

Do you want just to zone out and get lost in your tasks? Then this coffee shop has everything you need. It has this insane vibe that lets you concentrate on work. Remember to get yourself a cup of coffee or two. You will be glad you did. 


Coffee @ work

This is a stylish coffee shop with its own unique take on how coffee should be served. The shop opens very early in the morning by 7 am, and this can be quite handy if you want to quickly get some things done at the start of the day. It has a homey feel, and it is very comfortable. 


Root Coffee 

Need a space to relax and zone out from your busy day? Then Root Coffee is the place for you. The staffs are amicable, and what’s more, they have an incredible coffee collection you need to try.