The Best Coffee Experiences In S.A

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South Africa is known for its authentic coffee experience. In South Africa, the Coffee culture is growing every day, and more and more people are becoming interested in the full coffee experience.

Even though the S.A coffee market is still in its infancy, in comparison with other global markets, it has done a fabulous job of creating its own identity to match the various demands and needs of consumers.

The increase in the demand for top-quality premium coffee has enhanced the growth in the number of shops and roasteries in the country. You can't fault S.A coffee consumers for becoming extra picky when it comes to the nature and quality of their favourite beverage. Most people want coffee that has a peculiar flavour and offers a whole lot more in terms of coffee drinking experience. If you are in SA, the following are some of the best coffee experiences in South Africa.

Beaver Creek Coffee Estate

A trip into Beaver Creek Coffee is its own reward. Touring the farm, especially close to harvest season is interesting. You can get a first-hand experience on what goes behind the coffee-making process. You can go through the history of the farm, and spend some more time behind the various processes such as fermentation. You can also get a sense of roasting, cupping and brewing on-site. The best thing about this experience is that you can see the entire coffee chain in action.

Travel Designer Coffee Masterclass

This experience has its own style in Cape Town. Ozzy is no novice in the coffee business, and he has created his own brand identity. You can book this masterclass with Ozzy and have a lovely coffee experience with a stunning view. Ozzy has taken quite a minimalistic brewing method along with some of the best views in Cape Town to create an enjoyable coffee experience never seen before.

Origin Coffee Roasting Brew Bar

We will not be off the mark if we say the origin offers the most fantastic brew bar experience in the country. This bar always has something new for guests. You are spoiled with a selection choice when it comes to picking from the brewing methods and coffees. You can decide to mix he brewing methods (there are 5 in numbers), and coffees (there are between 4 to 6 options to pick).

Final Thoughts

The places mentioned offer an authentic coffee experience in South Africa. The increase in the demand for top-quality premium coffee has enhanced the growth in the number of shops and roasteries, South Africa.


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