The Best Cafes And Coffee Shops In Pretoria

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Pretoria boasts of some of the best cafes and coffee shops in South Africa. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for some tasty homemade sandwiches, or premium cake and coffee, you can be sure of getting a fantastic experience in some of the best cafes and coffee shops Pretoria has to offer. Most of the shops are a perfect blend of both traditional and contemporary feel. While some have a cozy appeal, others are louder. But you can be sure that you would get a memorable experience from each and every one of them. So, let’s check them out. 


Cafe, Restaurant, Tea

The Afro-Boer has a perfect mix of tasty treats and lovely ambiance and views. You can take the interior option and enjoy your drinks in the comfort of the surrounding walls, or you can sit outside and surround yourself with the lush gardens. Either way, you are bound to leave with a smile on your face. Mind you, you would love the unconventional menu Afro-Boer provides. Don’t forget to try the milk tart milkshake. 

Anja’s Tea Garden 

Bakery, Tea Room, Tea

Picnic lunches, tasty homemade treats, quiches, and cakes, just name it, Anja’s Tea Garden has everything that you need. They also have Banting options for folks who are watching their waistline. Make do with the tasty homemade ginger beer as well as the well-made lemonade on offer. 


Restaurant, Tea Room, Coffee Shop

Folks who love their coffee in an outdoor space would like what the Koffietijd provides. The iconic spot in Pretoria is a coffee shop and tea garden located within a fine garden destination. It is also an excellent spot for the family as there is a relatively large play area where kids can have fun while you relax with a cup of your favorite beverage. 

Isabella’s Petite

Tea Room, Cafe, Tea

Just like the Koffietijd, the Isabella’s Petite is also a kid-friendly destination. There are lots of options available for kids and adults alike. Treat your kids to a bouncy castle or jungle gym, while you enjoy the drinks, and gourmet menu available. Isabella’s Petite is the perfect place to enjoy a perfect family afternoon. 

Vovo Telo, Lynnwood

Bakery, Cafe, Tea, Dessert 

Vovo prides itself in delivering exceptional quality using well-sourced local products and ingredients. Have a taste of the Vovo’s baked products, and try their fine pastry. A combination of their beverages and baked goods would always leave you craving for more. 


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