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Are you questioning whether you should store your coffee in the fridge or not? We all have, and with coffee being the most consumed hot beverage in the world, one would think that the answer would be widespread and well known. However, many coffee lovers are perplexed as to what to do with their coffee beans and grounds, and whether the fridge is the best place to store it.

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We started noticing that our family and friends store their coffee in different places around the kitchen, and one of the most common places for coffee beans and ground was their refrigerator. Most coffee lovers wouldn’t bat an eye, but here at findcoffeeshops, we pride ourselves for our fascination towards only drinking the best tasting coffee.

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Coffee Grounds

So, Should I Store Coffee In The Fridge?

The short answer is no. Coffee is sensitive with any changes in moisture content. Coffee attracts moisture, but moisture isn’t good for your cup of joe.

The funny thing is, your coffee does not absorb moisture from your fridge, but from the condensation build up due to the change in temperature. This is the moisture that messes up your coffee!

Why Do We Put Our Coffee In The Fridge?

Who knows? Not us. But we have speculated that the habit of storing things in the fridge to keep them fresh and cool is the culprit.

But now you know – do not put your coffee in the fridge!

Coffee cup and coffee beans

How Should I Store My Coffee?

Storing coffee should be a simple thing in our lives, so just know that the most important thing about storing coffee is to protect it from excessive air, moisture, heat and light. These factors are the main coffee villians – they will destroy your coffees flavor and coffee grounds.

Thankfully, a beautiful company called Pact Coffee sells special bags to preserve your coffee.

“We’re constantly testing our packaging to make sure it keeps coffee perfectly fresh. There have been multiple iterations of the Pact Coffee bags you receive today, they are always evolving and getting better.”

Head of Pact Coffee

If you aren’t keen on keeping it in a bag, then keep it in an airtight container, in a cool and dark place. Keep the container away from the oven, sunlight surfaces and kettles.

Coffee being made


Don’t store your coffee grounds and beans in the fridge. Store it in an airtight, room temperature container.

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