Yama Tabletop Siphon Vacuum Coffee Maker – 5 Cup (~600ml)


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It may look more like a piece of chemistry equipment than a coffee maker, but we think the siphon is actually one of the most exciting pieces of manual brewing equipment out there. Believe it or not, this style of coffee maker has been around in some form since the 1830s and has recently regained popularity in many parts of the world.
By using a combination of vapour-pressure (which pushes the water into the top chamber) and a vacuum (which draws the brewed coffee back down), the siphon is able to create a uniquely clean & clear cup of coffee without any compromise on intensity.
How does it work?
In basic terms, by applying heat to the bottom chamber full of water, pressure is created which pushes the hot water into the top, at an ideal temperature for brewing. The coffee is then fully immersed in the top chamber, and when you’re ready, removing the heat creates a vacuum below which quickly filters the coffee through a cloth. The vacuum pressure and cloth filtration allow you to use a finer grind, while still getting the benefit of full immersion.
For more information, check out our siphon brew guide.
Included in the box
The set comes with everything you need to make your first brew:

Siphon (stand, bottom chamber, top chamber)
Plastic lid which doubles as a stand for the top chamber after brewing
Filter assembly
Cloth filter
Plastic scoop/stirrer
Alcohol burner* (alcohol not included for safety reasons)

* Please note, for better control of heat application, most coffee professionals recommend purchasing a separate butane burner.
Burning alcohol that is suitable for the bundled alcohol burner is usually sold in South Africa as methylated spirits
Product features & specifications

Made of heat-resistant glass
Available in 3 Cup (~400ml) & 5 Cup (~600ml) size
Height: ~30cm (3 Cup), ~35cm (5 Cup)
Replacement parts available