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eCoffee’s Natural Reusable Cups have become incredibly popular with our customers, so we’re very excited to announce the availability of these beautiful, special editions based on the designs of William Morris. Like the original eCoffee Cups, these are made of organic bamboo fibre, with food-grade silicone for the lid and heat-sleeve. Available in 6 designs, they offer a beautiful and sustainable way to enjoy your coffee on the go.
About the eCoffee Cup

The eCoffee Cup was designed to address the problem of 100 billion disposable cups that go into land-fill every year. Not only is this a huge amount of wasted material, but most of these aren’t even biodegradable. The eCoffee Cup is made from organic bamboo fibre which is reusable, but also biodegradable and naturally free of nasty chemicals like BPAs & phthalates. It’s also sterile meaning that it won’t alter the flavour or your coffee!
About William Morris
William Morris was a Victorian-era, English textile designer, as well as an activist and writer. His iconic style is immediately recognisable and is still featured on fabrics, furniture and wallpaper in the UK and the world over. Nostalgic and yet still eye-catching and fresh, we think his designs look beautiful on these limited release cups!
Read more about William Morris on Wikipedia
William Morris eCoffee Cup Features

Special edition designs
350/400ml capacity
Dishwasher safe
Free of petrochemicals
Made of organic bamboo fibre & non-GMO corn starch
Lid and heat sleeve made of food grade silicone (also free of BPAs & phthalates)
Drip-proof resealable lid design
Naturally sterile – won’t impart flavours
Made in a BSCI and SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) accredited factory

Some important notes:

The eCoffee Cup is not suitable for microwaves (but who wants to microwave their coffee anyway?)
The lid and heat-sleeve are not dishwasher safe (though the cup itself certainly is)
The cup should be cleaned soon after use to avoid staining