Urnex Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets – 100x tablets (tub)


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When it comes to espresso machine cleaning, Cafiza from Urnex is the ultimate product. It cleans away coffee residue, oils and water deposits, ensuring your machine lasts a long time and your coffee tastes great. It is most commonly used in powder form, but for certain applications, some may prefer to use this version that comes in tablets.
The tablets are pre-dosed to the recommended 2g for espresso machine back-flushing. For those who don’t like measuring out powder, this may add a little bit more convenience to the cleaning routine. Where the tablets are particularly handy is in fully automatic, or bean to cup coffee machines, where inserting a tablet is much quicker and easier than measuring out powder.
Cafiza can also be used on other types of coffee machines with metal parts that require cleaning.
Urnex Cafiza Tablets Features

Concentrated formula eliminates residue in group heads, valves, and lines
Tablet form for easy and controlled dosing into delivery chamber or group head
Each 2g tablet is conveniently sized for use on a wide range of machines
Compatible with many bean to cup, fully automatic coffee machines
Also available in powder form

Important notes regarding use of Cafiza

It is recommended to use gloves when handling Cafiza
Always follow machine manufacturer disassembly instructions
Avoid Cafiza contact with eyes