Truth. DDT – Deep Dark & Twisted – 1kg


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This blend from Truth Coffee Roasting is quite unique – much as the name implies. It’s an espresso blend designed for those classic coffee palates that don’t want too much acidity in the cup. And yet, this isn’t achieved by means of a dark Italian-style roast. On the contrary, the roast is actually quite light!
Nevertheless, Truth have achieved exactly what they have set out to do with this blend. You won’t find any of the brightness or acidity that old school Italian coffee lovers can’t get on board with. Instead you’ll find lots of nuts, hints of biscuit and some subtle sweetness, all of which come together beautifully in a well-extracted espresso.
For a classic flavour profile without¬†that ashy finish that too often accompanies darker roasts, look no further than Truth’s Deep, Dark & Twisted (DDT) blend!