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Black Honey is Truth’s newest blend, and it’s quite a unique one. With this coffee, our friends at Truth were aiming to create a blend that was all about sweetness in the cup, and they really have succeeded. When brewed as espresso or in immersion brewers just right, it’s juicy, fruity and deliciously sweet, yet with a surprisingly mellow acidity.
Most of our brews had wonderful apple flavours to enjoy, a bit like cloudy unfiltered apple juice, with a stone fruit finish that may remind you of plum. We had the absolute best results in our siphon, but we’d highly recommend giving it a try in a French press, moka pot or espresso as well. The baristas at Truth HQ make particularly juicy espressos with this coffee!
This coffee is quite a light roast, so we’d suggest upping your dose a bit and not shying away from slightly longer extraction times.
Roaster’s notes
NATURAL SWEETNESS IS THE NEW ACIDITYFor so long we believed acidity was the sign of great coffee. An epiphany from our founder David Donde forced us to rethink our principles. What if acidity was coincidental? Why weren’t we chasing sweetness? Driven by this new obsession we embarked on a two year quest from inspiration to conception with one thing in mind. The result is Black Honey. The result is extraordinary sweetness. Our relentless obsession with sweetness is rewarded in the tasting notes. On the palate expect juicy candied red apple which slowly melts to Asian plum. A juicy lime acidity on a medium body is complimented with subtle complexity to showcase the unique sweetness of the blend.
Coffee details
Black Honey is a blend of two single origin components. Please find their details below.

El Salvador


Urrutia Family

2,100 masl
1,100 masl

Processing method
Red Honey