Trinity ONE Brewer – With 350x Aeropress Filters & Salter Scale


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The Trinity ONE Brewer began its life as a much-followed kickstarter campaign. Founder Mark Folker wanted to combine his love of coffee and engineering background to produce the world’s first multi-purpose, manual brewing appliance. The result is an elegant, minimalist, beautiful and functional counter-top coffee maker that lets you brew in various ways without all the clutter.

Three Brewers In One – The Trinity’s Multi-Purpose Design
The Trinity One is designed to accomodate all three of the most popular categories of manual brewing, as well as all the combinations and variations that a creative barista can come up with.
Press Brewing
This method is inspired by the incredibly popular Aeropress – in fact, the Trinity ONE Brewer is even designed to use Aeropress filters. Like with the Aeropress, this method allows you to immerse the coffee grounds in the brew water for a single filter cup and brew under pressure, but unlike the Aeropress, the Trinity ONE Brewer provides its own pressure with its weighted press cylinder! 
Pour-Over Brewing
The top of the Trinity ONE Brewer is cone shaped, and if you remove the press filter entirely, you can use it as a beautiful pour-over coffee maker. We found best results with Chemex filters, though you could also use Hario size 03!
Immersion Brewing (Hot or Cold)
Finally, you can also do extended immersion brews with your Trinity ONE thanks to the flow restrictor on the portafilter handle. Use hot water and a short steep time for a French Press style brew, or use cold water and an extended steep time for cold brew. Even better, you can use a metal or paper Aeropress filter to ensure the result is a clean cup!
Recommended Accessories
To get the most out of your Trinity ONE Brewer, we’d highly recommend some the following accessories:

A set of Aeropress Filters (included in bundle option)
A large-platform scale with a 10kg+ capacity (included in bundle option)
A set of Chemex Filters

A size 02 Hario Range Server

Trinity ONE Brewer – Features & Specifications

Stand made from 304 Stainless Steel & American sourced Black Walnut Heartwood timber
Brew chamber made from Tritan® copolyester, (BPA-free)
Includes 2.25kg Press Cylinder & cap made from 304 stainless steel & Black Walnut Heartwood timber
Includes flow-adjustable portafilter handle that perfectly fits Aeropress filters and has a Black Walnut handle
Base dimensions: 19cm x 23cm
Height: 35cm
Weight: ~6kg
Delivery weight: ~8kg

For more detailed features & specifications, please download this document
How To Brew With The Trinity ONE
You can download a very helpful brewing guide, as well as a complete user guide for the Trinity ONE Brewer, but we’d highly recommend checking out their brewing videos on Youtube.

Trinity ONE Brewing Guide
Trinity ONE Complete User Guide
Trinity ONE Brewing Tutorial Videos

You can find our brew guides here
What Do People Say About The Trinity ONE Brewer?
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