Tribe Coffee – Colombia – 1kg


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Our friends at Tribe roast some of our most popular coffees for classic coffee palates. Their style really appeals to those who want something full bodied and flavourful to enjoy every day.
Their Colombian single origin will definitely provide that every day drinking comfort, but it also has some nuance that will give your palate a bit of adventure. The dominant flavours in the cup are nutty, with a luxurious caramel sweetness. There are hints of cocoa, as well as some citrus notes reminiscent of orange. At times, this coffee made us think of a cup of hot chocolate!
This coffee should be ideal in espresso but we also enjoyed in our Chemex and French press.
Roaster’s notes
A rich red roast, full bodied, intense coffee with red wine acidity and a complex aroma.

Mouth-feel: Light acidity and full-bodied

On the nose: Cinnamon, orange peel and red wine

Tastes: Well-balanced sweetness with toasted nuts