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At Cape Coffee Beans, we like to sell the best coffee brewing equipment in every category. Value, functionality and reliability are all very important, and historically, it’s been difficult to find filter coffee machines for home use that tick all those boxes. That’s all changed now with the arrival of the Technivorm MoccaMaster range!

Technivorm is a Dutch company that has hand made its iconic filter coffee machines in the Netherlands since 1969! They have a track record of excellence and have won numerous accolades and awards, including certification by the European Coffee Brewing Centre for the quality and consistency of their products. The MoccaMaster is their flagship filter coffee machine range.
About the MoccaMaster filter coffee machine range
The MoccaMaster is designed to be incredibly simple to use, and extremely consistent in its brewing. It has an energy-efficient copper heating element controlled by a precise thermostat that ensures that the coffee is brewed with water rapidly heated to 92-96ºC, the ideal temperature for extraction. It also uses a pulse-pouring system, allowing the coffee to bloom and then periodically adding just the right amount of water to keep the bed at the appropriate saturation and temperature. In short, it does what a barista might do when pouring by hand.
To use the MoccaMaster, all you need to do is fill the water chamber to the indicated level, and add a filter and the appropriate amount of coffee to the brew basket. We recommend wetting the filter first, and using freshly ground, high quality coffee, but that’s basically all you have to do. The MoccaMaster takes care of the rest, including shutting itself off.
About the KBGT 741 MoccaMaster with thermos
The KBGT models of MoccaMaster are more recent additions to the range, but they may actually be our favourites. They have all the brewing quality and features of the originals, but they swap the glass jug and hot plate for an insulated thermos jug. This means that the coffee is kept warm without the need for an external heat source.
Keeping the coffee warm using insulation rather than heat application will preserve more flavour, and we’ve tried this thermos and it will preserve temperature for at least a couple of hours. This makes this version of the MoccaMaster a great choice for small offices or households that want to brew a pot of filter coffee to last the morning.
For optimal heat retention, pre-heat the thermos with hot water, and brew a full batch. You can also buy spare thermoses so that you can brew extra batches of coffee!
Technivorm MoccaMaster KBGT 741 features & specifications

Brews at 92-96ºC
Efficient copper heat element
Quick brew time
Can brew up to 1.25L
Comes with stainless steel thermos

Thermos includes brew-through and travel lids
Float activated brew function switch
Brews in 5-6 minutes
Durable metal housing
Uses standard 1×4 coffee filters

Drip stop valve on filter basket
9 hole spray head
Pulse pouring
Built with high grade aluminium, BPA-Free plastic, and high-grade glass
Measurements W-D-H (mm): 325 x 170 x 355

We recommend Urnex Cleancaf for cleaning!