Rhinowares Compact Hand Coffee Grinder w/ Aeropress Adaptor


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While Rhinowares may be one of the newer names in manual coffee brewing gear, they have already earned themselves a solid reputation, by releasing one of the only brand new manual coffee grinders to get a lot of attention around the coffee world in recent years. In a space with already dominant brands (most of which we also sell), Rhinowares managed to capture the best of many of the well-established offerings and combine them in their first Hand Grinder.
Building on this success, Rhinowares has now released a second, Compact Hand Grinder specifically targeted at the ever-growing Aeropress crowd and road warriors who want the smallest possible grinder to take with them wherever they go.
Like its predecessor, this new compact edition has conical ceramic burrs, a stainless steel construction, plastic fittings and a beautifully designed ergonomic handle that makes grinding as easy as it can be without a motor. What this model adds, beyond its very portable size, is an adaptor to grind straight into your Aeropress – something we haven’t seen for any other manual coffee grinder.
For Aeropress owners and anyone who wants to brew single cups of coffee on the go, this new Rhinowares Compact Hand Grinder is fantastic value.
Product features

Highly consistent grind
Smooth grinding motion
Easily adjustable grind setting (click-wheel)
Comes with convenient carrier bag
Comes with Aeropress adaptor
Body fits inside an Aeropress
Detachable handle with plastic cap fitting
Static-resistant stainless steel body

Product specifications

Ceramic conical grinding burrs
Stainless steel & plastic construction
Capacity up to 23g of coffee beans