Quaffee – Tasting Bundle – Primer: 4 x 70g


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Tucked away on Buitenverwachting wine farm, the small and dedicated team at Quaffee roasts an incredible variety of single origin coffees. We’ve worked with them to make their fully speciality offering available to our customers and with this bundle, we’re giving you the opportunity to try 4 of their very best.
Even better, if you want to try just a little of each coffee, you can also purchase this bundle in a special 4 x 70g ‘primer’ format. You’ll be getting (just a bit more than) the equivalent of a bag of coffee beans with the opportunity to taste all of them. This little bundle also makes a great gift for a coffee lover.
The current version of the bundle, featuring some of Quaffee’s most recent releases, includes coffee beans from around the world. With a broad range of flavours & bodies, this is a great introduction to the world of coffee as well as to this special little roastery!
The bundle includes:
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Colombia Los Idolos (South America)

Ethiopia Limu Kossa (Africa)

Burundi Heza Gishubi Natural (Africa)

Honduras Erapuca (South East Asia)