Quaffee – Honduras Altos de Erapuca (New Crop) – 1kg


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While Honduras is not a very common origin of coffee to find in South Africa, this is actually the second delicious example that Quaffee have sourced and shared with us. From an organically certified farm in the Department of Copan, this 100% Catuai single origin coffee is a delicious all-rounder that should please both adventurous and comfort-seeking coffee lovers.
In a pour-over, we found a syrupy, caramel sweetness with subtle hints of fruit like stone fruit or citrus. In a French Press, the sweetness reminded us more of a floral honey. In all brew methods, the coffee has a very pleasant, full but balanced body and subtle spicy notes that might remind you a little of cloves. Although it has plenty of subtle characteristics that you’ll enjoy discovering, this is definitely the kind of coffee that you could drink every day.
Roaster’s notes

Region/farm: Finca Altos de Erapuca, Copan, Honduras
Processing: Wet-processed. Dried mechanically on a large patio drying beds.
Harvest Time: 2016/2017
Owner: Carlos Efrain Paz Sevilla
Varietals: 100% Arabica Catuai
Altitude grown: 1,360 meters above sea level (masl)

Packaging: GrainPro
Intensity/Prime Attribute: Fairly sweet; notes of oranges, butter and caramel. Medium-bodied.
Roast used: Gentle heat introduction with intense heat at the end through first crack. Dropped before second crack.
Certifications: Organic and Rain Forest Alliance (at farm)