Quaffee – Colombia Los Naranjos – 250g


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Warren, the owner of Quaffee, is very fond of his Colombian coffee and this shows in the selection and quality of the beans from that country that he has to offer. This particular single origin occupies a special spot in that collection of Colombians as he has been sourcing and roasting it since 2007.
The coffee’s name gives a strong clue to its prominent flavour as ‘naranjo’ means orange (as in the fruit), in Spanish. This coffee has wonderful citrus flavours ranging from orange to naartjie but you’ll also find some caramel sweetness, a bit of chocolate and even some spice.
Los Naranjos is grown, at least in part, by Carlos Imbaschi in the San Agustin region of Huila, Colombia. He has actually won several awards for his crops and has even had his coffees used by a World Barista Championship contestant. He works with a small association of other farmers in the area (near the Los Naranjos river) to pool carefully graded crops which are sold to roasters all over the world.
Roaster’s notes

Region: San Agustin, Huila Province, Colombia
Processing: Wet-processed, sun dried on raised and covered beds
Species/Varietal: 100% Arabica: Cattura, Typica & Bourbon

Packaging: Vacuum packed green in clear plastic, stored in Perdura boxesl
Roast used: Kick to start and moderate rate increase until first crack then ramp until 2nd crack begins, when we drop

Aromatics and flavours: Chocolate, liquorice & citrus – almost naartjie fruit