Quaffee – Colombia La Serrania Natural Decaf – 250g


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While we truly believe that decaf can be delicious, it’s not often that we can really get really excited about decaffeinated coffee. These coffee beans are most definitely an exception. To say that you would never guess that this coffee was decaf from its taste is an understatement. We’ve witnessed coffee professionals fooled by its flavours before our very eyes. It doesn’t just taste like normal caffeinated coffee – it tastes like exceptional caffeinated coffee.
Our friends at Quaffee scoured the globe to find a coffee that was decaf and met their high standards. In the end, they found it in the same region of Colombia as their delicious Los Idolos. Grown in Huila province, these coffee beans are decaffeinated using a natural by-product of sugar cane processing. This allows for maximum flavour retention in an environmentally friendly manner.
One of the wonderful things about this coffee is that it’s complex – you’re likely to find different flavours depending on your brewing method and parameters. We experienced fruity flavours like melon with a delicious sweetness balanced by a medium & creamy body in some brew methods. In others, some more pronounced spicy notes came through.
Roaster’s notes

La Serrania is rated as a specialty grade coffee, on its own. So it is good to drink even if you are not concerned about the caffeine in coffee. The coffee is medium bodied with fruit and spice notes and subtle wine like acidity.

Region: Pitalito, Huila, Columbia
Processing: Wet Process, Solar dried then naturally decaffeinated

Species/Varietal: Arabica / Caturra and Colombia F6

Harvest: May / June
Altitude grown: 1,500 – 1,900 meters above sea level (masl)
Producer group: La Serrania
Intensity / Prime Attribute: Heavy fruit, spice and cocoa with a medium body and a clean finish
Roast used: Gentle heat introduction control of the ramp through the roast into and through first crack; drop as second crack starts