Portland Project – Renegade Seasonal Blend – 1kg


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The first Portland Project coffee we ever had was an espresso shot of this blend and it was jaw-droppingly delicious. Somehow, it managed to be full-bodied and yet incredibly sweet and delicate at the same time. It has incredibly pronounced cherry flavours with a sweetness and creamy body that came together for an experience almost like crème de cassis.
While any lover of espresso will enjoy this coffee, it is by no means a one-trick pony. On the contrary, it should please in most brew methods including your Aeropress and other filter brews.
Roaster’s notes
A blend of seasonal selections – we use only the coffees that really excite us! Current origins:

Costa Rica

Roast: Medium

Flavour notes: Berry like sweetness on the front, stewed fruits as well. A more caramel and chocolate finish
Suggested brew methods:

High Yield Espresso
Home Espresso