Origin Coffee Roasting – Seasonal Blend – 1kg


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Origin Coffee Roasting creates an espresso blend for each season so every few months, we’ve got something new and wonderful to experience from their roasters. All of them are perfectly crafted for the season and include top quality single origin coffees from around the world.
This new autumn blend could not be better suited to this chillier season. It’s full of comforting flavour notes for the colder weather like baking spice, stewed fruit and a sugary sweetness. Origin has broken with tradition on this blend, making it with 4 components rather than 3, but the results are so balanced and delicious, that we do hope they do it again!
In the current, Autumn Blend:

Tanzania Orsa AB (Rafiki)
Peru Pedernales
Peru La Palma
Brazil Fazenda California

Roaster’s notes

Flavour: Demerera sugar, dried apple, warm spices

Mouthfeel/Body: Medium, Smooth

Roast: Light-Medium

Acidity: Mellow, papaya

Suitable for: Plunger, Moka Pot, Espresso