Legado – Espresso Blend – 250g


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If espresso is your thing then this blend from Legado Coffee Roasters is a must-try. Incredibly sweet and full-bodied, it makes an absolutely delicious shot. But there’s more to this blend than just a great espresso coffee. It also makes surprisingly delicious filter brews, especially for those who want a full-bodied but longer cup of coffee.
Certain characteristics shone through in every brew method we tried like cocoa nib flavours and a wonderful syrupy sweetness. However, there were other, more subtle flavours that came out in some manual brew methods. We found berry flavours in the pour-over and even more so in the French Press. Regardless of your brew method, we’d highly recommend you try it.
Roaster’s notes
Tasting notes: Sweet, cocoa, medium body
Our Espresso Blend is our pride and joy. While single origin coffees are justifiably lauded for their distinct and traceable flavours, we wanted to offer a coffee that combined the superior qualities of our best single origins. Creating a blend gives us the opportunity to play, test, taste, repeat – to produce a near-perfect balance of sweetness, body and acidity. Our Espresso Blend uses a medium roast as the backbone, with some lighter roasts added for fruity notes.