KRUVE Sifter – Sieve Upgrade Packs – XL (3 Sieves)


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The KRUVE Sifter is an ingenious brewing accessory that lets you perfectly dial in your grind regardless of what coffee grinder you’re using by sifting out particles that are too big or too small. The Sifter comes in a few different configurations with different sieves, but thanks to these expansion packs, you can always upgrade your KRUVE Sifter for even more control.

Choosing your KRUVE upgrade pack – what’s in the box
Each of the KRUVE upgrade packs is intended as an upgrade to a particular KRUVE Sifter

KRUVE PLUS Pack (Upgrade KRUVE Sifter TWO):

200 µm sieve
300 µm sieve
600 µm sieve
1000 µm sieve

KRUVE PRO Pack (Upgrade KRUVE Sifter SIX):

250 µm sieve
350 µm sieve
500 µm sieve
700 µm sieve
900 µm sieve
1100 µm sieve

KRUVE XL Pack (Upgrade KRUVE Sifter TWELVE):

1200 µm sieve
1400 µm sieve
1600 µm sieve