IMS Aeropress Metal Filter


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IMS is an Italian manufacturer of professional espresso-making accessories such as filter baskets. With a strong reputation particularly for these metal filters, the company has now turned its attention to the increasingly popular manual brewing methods.
This Aeropress filter is made from stainless steel and is precision engineered to have incredibly small and consistently sized holes. This allows it to filter out sediment almost as well as a paper filter would but still allows those flavourful coffee oils to pass through while not imparting a papery taste.
The very fine filtering can help you brew an incredibly sweet cup of coffee. Used by professional baristas and Aeropress championship competitors, this is a filter to invest in when you’re ready to get very serious about your Aeropress brewing!
Product specifications

Model D62 SF15
Made of stainless steel
150 µm filtering capacity
External diameter: 62mm
Thickness: 0.10mm
Hole Diameter: Ø 0.15 mm
Number of holes: 39780
Total open area: 28%