Duralex Picardie Tumblers – 130ml (Set of 6)


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Duralex is one of those special, timeless brands, on a global scale. Since 1939 they have been producing high quality, durable and beautiful glassware in France. Using a tempering process, which they actually invented, they’re able to produce glasses that are extremely difficult to break through impact or temperature changes.
The Picardie tumbler is perhaps their most iconic design, basically unchanged for the better part of a century. Solid and yet elegant, it’s used the world over for everything from wine to dessert, and most importantly for us, we think it’s a fantastic way to drink coffee. Whether for a pour-over, cold brew, espresso or even a flat white, the Picardie tumbler is the perfect contemporary serving vessel for our beloved beverage.
Duralex Picardie Glassware Size Guide

90ml – D 6.5cm x H 6.7cm – Espresso, macchiato, piccolo
130ml – D 6.9cm x H 7.2cm – Small cortado
160ml – D 7.5 x H 7.8cm – Cortado
220ml – D 8.1cm x H 8.4cm – Pour-over, filter, cortado
250ml – D 8.7cm x H 9cm – Pour-over, filter, Aeropress, cold brew, flat white, cappuccino
310ml – D 9cm x H 9.4cm – Cold brew, latte
360ml – D 8.8cm x H 12.4cm – Water, large latte
500ml – D 9.4cm x H 14.5cm – Water or a really big coffee!

Duralex Picardie Tumbler Features & Specifications

Made of hardened, non-porous, hygienic glass
Impact & chip-resistant
If broken by strong shock, shatters into small pieces that aren’t sharp
Heat safe up to 130°C
Freezer, microwave & dishwasher safe
Comes in various sizes (see above)
Comes in packs of 6 or 4 (see drop down)