Chemex Pour-Over Coffee Maker – 6 Cup


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When Peter Schlumbohm, invented the Chemex Coffee Maker in 1941, he may not have realised that his creation would become an icon of design as well as coffee making. Its sleek hourglass shape has made it an instantly recognisable piece of equipment and earned it many accolades including being voted one of the 100 best designed products of modern times by the Illinois Institute of Technology. It is also on permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York!
But the Chemex Coffee Maker’s appeal is certainly not only in its looks. Peter Schlumbohm was a German chemist and his goal was to scientifically design a device that made a perfect cup of coffee. Many feel that he succeeded. Made of high quality heat-resistant glass, The Chemex Coffee Maker’s shape contributes to an incredibly clean extraction which people around the world swear by.
Don’t forget filters!
The Chemex Corporation, that has manufactured the device in Pittsfield, Massachussetts since its birth, also produces proprietary, chemically bonded filters which are 20-30% heavier than regular paper filters. These help to filter out any undesirable components which lead to bitterness and sediment leaving a clear, pure & richly-flavoured cup of coffee.

Please don’t forget to add chemex filters which are required for brewing, to your cart! You can find them here.
Size guide
We offer the Chemex in two sizes: 3 & 6 Cup, based on 150ml coffee cups (about half a mug). The cup size indicates the maximum amount and you can always brew less in your Chemex so we would suggest getting one of the larger sizes if you may need to brew for multiple people at the same time.
3 Cup Size

Brews 1-3, 150ml cups (1-1.5 mugs)
~450ml in volume
Uses 3-cup half-circle filters

6 Cup Size

Brews 1-6, 150ml cups (1-3 mugs)
~900ml in volume
Uses all Chemex filters except half-circle 3-cup version

Product features

Pour-over coffee maker
Makes a clear, pure, flavourful cup of coffee without any bitterness or sediment
Made of heat resistant, non-porous glass
Comes with a wooden collar to make pouring without burning yourself easy
Uses proprietary bonded filters which remove all undesirable components from the coffee

How to make a coffee with the Chemex Pour-over Coffee Maker

Boil your water and let it cool for 1-2 minutes – you want a water temperature of 90-95 degrees Celsius
Place your filter in your Chemex with the thicker part and folds towards the spout
Wet the filter with some of your hot water to rinse it and heat the glass
Pour out the hot water before starting to brew
Grind your coffee to a medium-coarse grind (almost as coarse as French Press)
Put ~6g of ground coffee into the filter per 100ml (60g/L) – shake it a little to flatten the coffee grounds
Bloom the coffee grounds for 30-40 seconds by pouring in just enough water to wet them all
Slowly pour in the rest of your water in a circular motion – only pour onto the grounds, not the sides
Once you’ve poured in all your water (125ml per cup or 250ml per mug), let it all filter through (this should take ~3-4 mins)
Remove the filter, pour your coffee & enjoy!

You might find it helpful to use a thin-spout drip kettle like the Hario Buono for precision pouring and a scale such as the V60 Drip Scale to measure your water