Brewista Smart Temp™ Digital Temperature Gauge


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The Brewista Smart Temp Digital Temperature Gauge is a handy upgrade for the Brewista Smart Pour Stovetop Kettle. It replaces the analogue temperature gauge that the Smart Pour Kettle comes with, with a more sophisticated digital version. You simply unscrew the analogue gauge and screw in this replacement.
The digital display on this thermometer is easier to read than an analogue dial, and also offers more precision for those who want to be really specific about their desired brewing temperature. Even better, the Smart Temp thermometer offers the ability to set a desired temperature and beep when that temperature is reached, allowing you to leave the kettle on the stove and receive an audible alert when it’s time to brew!

Brewista Smart Temp™ Digital Temperature Gauge features & specifications

Fits Brewista Smart Pour Stovetop Kettle
Beeps when desired temperature is reached
Easy to read digital display
Fast response
Battery included