Brewista Smart Brew™ Hourglass Brewer – 5 Cup (750ml)


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Although pour-over coffee makers have been around for almost a century, they’ve had a resurgence in popularity in recent years as part of the third wave of coffee, and they have become the preferred brew method for both homes and cafes for making small batches of delicious filter coffee. With the release of the Smart Brew Hourglass Coffee Maker, Brewista have achieved the difficult task of innovating on the classic and simple pour-over coffee maker design.
Like other popular options out there, Brewista’s hourglass-shaped offering is an all-in-one coffee maker, requiring only the addition of a paper filter, but with some subtle tweaks, they have made some real improvements in potential brew quality. The tempered borosilicate glass features ridges that will help to prevent the filter from sticking to the sides. The shape also will accommodate any type or shape of filter whether it’s a wedge, a cone or anything else. Perhaps most ingeniously, the Smart Brew Hourglasses also features a second spout with a patent-pending breathing tube, ensuring that pressure never builds up to slow down your extraction time.
The hardened glass body is fitted with a removable, BPA-free silicone handle that allows you to grip the coffee maker even when it’s hot, and also won’t be damaged by exposure to water or coffee. This and all the other well-thought-out design features make it an ideal coffee maker for frequent use in a home or small office.
Special Offer – Free Bamboo Collar!
We’re currently offering a special deal on the Brewista Hourglass Brewer, while supplies last. With every brewer purchased, you’ll also receive a second, bamboo collar as a free gift! You still get the standard silicone collar, leaving you the option of using whichever you prefer.
Brewista Smart Brew Size Guide
The Brewista Hourglass Coffee Maker is available in 2 sizes which you can select from the drop down menu on this page.

5 Cup – 750ml (2-3 mugs)
8 cup – 1200ml (4-5 mugs)

Filter Recommendations
You can use any type of paper filter you like with your Brewista Hourglass Brewer, but we have tried and had great results with these options:

Chemex Circle Filters
Chemex Square Filters
Hario Size 03 Filters

Brewista Smart Brew™ Hourglass Brewer Features & Specifications

Tempered Borosilicate Glass Body
BPA-free removable silicone handle
Patent-pending breathing tube for optimal draining & pouring
Internal ribs to prevent filter sticking
Can accomodate any type of filter