Brew Tool 2.2L Insulated Airpot Flask With Glass Inner (for Coffee Queen Thermos M)


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This 2.2L Insulated Airpot from Brew Tool will keep your coffee warm long after brew time and features a convenient carry handle and pump serving system. It’s ideally suited for use with a Coffee Queen Thermos M machine, but will also work with other filter machines or for transporting and serving most hot beverages.

Brew Tool Airpot Features

Will keep coffee hot for hours
Pump action serving
Convenient carry handle
Dispensing tube agitates coffee to avoid mixed concentrations
Suitable for Coffee Queen Thermos M

Brew Tool Airpot Specifications

Capacity: 2.2L
Inside lining: glass
Height: ~40cm
Diameter: ~16cm
Depth including spout: ~20cm
Suitable for Coffee Queen Thermos M