Bodum Chambord French Press / Coffee Plunger – 12 Cup (1.5L)


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The french press, also sometimes called a coffee plunger or cafetiere, is a classic brew method. When it comes to french press coffee makers, there is none as iconic as the Bodum Chambord – the french press designed in the 1950s, which helped popularise this now ubiquitous way of making coffee, and set Bodum on the path to becoming the highly respected brand it is today.
The Bodum Chambord embodies many of the best values of 20th century design, including simplicity and function. It is both classic and timeless, completely unchanged in its 60+ year history except for improvements in the manufacturing process and materials to meet modern sustainability standards.
Like all Bodum french press coffee makers, the Chambord is made with hardened borosilicate glass which is dishwasher safe. The internal components are made of steel for durability and longevity, and the outer frame and lid are made of chrome-plated steel for a polished look that will last a lifetime with a bit of care. The black polypropylene handle also means that it can be grasped with no risk of burning.
The Chambord coffee plunger is available in 4 different sizes, to suit any type of brewing occasion. For any lover of coffee and the classics, this may be one of the best coffee makers you can buy.
Bodum Chambord Features & Specifications

Borosilicate glass beaker
Available in 4 different sizes (see drop down menu)
Chrome-plated steel frame and lid
Steel internal components
Polypropylene handle
All parts dishwasher safe