Bialetti Dama Stovetop Espresso Maker / Moka Pot – 3 Cup


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The Bialetti Moka Express – the most popular coffee maker in the world – is iconic, with an instantly recognisable octagonal design, reminiscent of its roots in the 1930s at the hands of Italian engineer Alfonso Bialetti. Its enduring beauty is very much in its practical function, which is probably why it continues to be so popular.
Of course eighty years later, taste has changed and broadened, which is why Bialetti has set about making a whole range of new designs to suit every coffee lover’s sense of aesthetics. The Dama (from the word for ‘lady’ in Italian) is the classic Moka Express’s more elegant counterpart.
Inside, the Dama is identical to the Moka Express, making coffee the same way and made out of the same food-grade aluminium. However, the Dama has a modern, refined exterior with angular edges smoothed into elegant curves, and a restyled handle and knob for flare. For those looking for a classic moka pot coffee, from a different and contemporary coffee maker, look no further than the Bialetti Dama.
Bialetti Dama size guide
The Bialetti Dama comes in two different sizes, with each ‘cup’ corresponding to a ~30-50ml short, concentrated coffee which you can dilute for Americano-style or drink as is for espresso-style. As such, these are our recommendations in terms of the number of people being brewed for:

1/2 people – 3 cup
2/3 people – 6 cup

Product features

Makes a concentrated rich espresso-style coffee
Made of highly durable aluminium
New, contemporary design
Heat-resistant & burn-proof handle
Easy to clean
Suitable for gas or electric stoves

How to care for your Bialetti Dama
Let the Dama cool down before cleaning. Once cool, take it apart completely, rinse it, give it a wipe and dry it thoroughly. Do not put it in the dishwasher or use abrasive chemicals to clean the moka pot.
It does not really need soap and a light coating of oil may actually be beneficial to the flavour, but if you do see buildup, try wiping down with a cloth first. You can also use a little diluted dish soap but ensure you rinse it thoroughly. Always let it dry completely before putting it back together!