Bean There – DR Congo – 250g


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This newest addition to Bean There’s portfolio of African single origin coffee beans is wonderfully unusual both in its origins and its flavours. A product of the re-emerging coffee industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo, there’s much more to it than just a rare source. We find its fruity flavours pronounced yet subtly sweet. Its vibrant acidity is perhaps what makes it most interesting with an incredible crispness and mouth feel that you might describe as tangy or zesty.
These coffee beans are grown by farmers who are members of the recently formed Virunga Cooperative which operates in the Kivu province in the eastern region of the DRC.  Established by Schluter, a European importer specialising in African coffee, Virunga provides training to farmers as well as access to international coffee markets. This effort contributes to rebuilding the DRC and re-establishing the formerly significant coffee producing industry in that country.
Roaster’s notes
This Democratic Republic of Congo Virunga coffee emits a plum aroma, highlights a crisp acidity and ends with a rich, fruity flavour

Region: North Kivu
Town: Rutshuru (70km north of Goma)
GPS: 01°20′27.4″S 29°21’45.1″E
Altitude: 1600 – 1750 metres above sea-level
Harvest: April to June
Grade: Kivu 4
Varietal: Bourbon and Blue Mountain
Process: Fully Washed