Aeropress Coffee Maker


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It may not look like your typical coffee maker, but we think this may be the best home brewing piece of equipment you can buy. This incredibly versatile little plastic device can produce everything from bold, short espresso-style shots to beautifully rich and clean long cups of coffee.
It’s this versatility and convenience that have helped the Aeropress take the coffee world by storm in recent years. Coffee professionals all over the world have adopted it and it has made its way into many cafes as well as homes.
It combines immersion-based brewing (like a french press) with pressure-based brewing (like an espresso machine) into one easy to use and affordable contraption. It’s made a of durable plastic and is very compact which also makes it very easy to transport. Buy one now and start making excellent coffee at home, at the office or on the road!

Product features

Incredibly easy to use
Very easy to clean
Highly versatile – can make short espresso-style shots and long filter-style brews
Produces a very clean cup of coffee with no grit thanks to a small paper filter
Ideal for making a single cup of coffee straight into the cup
Can make up to 4 shots at the same time (which can be diluted to make americanos)
Durable & portable – made of almost impossible to break plastic
Entirely manually operated – ideal for camping or travelling as no power required

Included in the box

An Aeropress coffee maker (plunger with seal, chamber and filter cap)
A scoop that can be used to measure out the coffee if you don’t have a scale
A perfectly fitted funnel to avoid spilling
350 microfilters (which can be re-used up to 20 times each)
A perfectly sized stirrer
A stand which holds your filters and your Aeropress

How to use the Aeropress
There is no limit to the amount of different ways you can use the Aeropress. The internet and Youtube are littered with examples of how you can use it to make any kind of coffee you want.
What follows is the “traditional method” which you can use to make espresso-style shots:

Put some water on to boil
Put a paper filter in the filter cap and attach it to the coffee chamber
Run some of the freshly boiled water through to rinse the filter
Grind your coffee to a medium-fine (slightly coarser than espresso) – if in doubt, lean to coarser rather than finer
Put the chamber on top of a cup or whatever you want to make the coffee in
Put 17.5g of coffee (or 1 scoop!) in the chamber for each espresso – you can use the funnel to help here
Fill the inner tube (the plunger) with water to the number of espresso shots you’re making (this will also cool the water to the right temperature)
Pour the measured out water into the chamber
Stir for 10 seconds using the special stirrer to make sure all the coffee and water has had contact
Put the plunger in and gently push down – it should take you about 30-45s to completely push the water through

Now enjoy an incredibly delicious short coffee or add water to make an americano!