Acaia Lunar Waterproof Bluetooth Espresso Scale


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The Acaia Lunar is the espresso-oriented cousin of the Acaia Pearl. It offers all of the features of the Pearl including accurate, fast readings, ease of use and bluetooth tethering with a number of smartphone apps for data recording and analysis.
However, where the Acaia Pearl is perfect for most manual brewing applications, the Lunar offers a number of feature upgrades to make it ideal for espresso. It is much more compact than the Pearl, making it much easier to fit under an espresso cup as you pull a shot. It’s also fully water resistant, avoiding any possibility of costly damage.
Product Features

Waterproof aluminium construction
2000g capacity
0.1g, highly sensitive resolution
2ms response time
Touch-sensitive buttons
Operating functions including auto-tare, auto-start, auto-stop & flow detection
Rechargeable USB power supply for ~20 hrs of operation (via standard micro-USB port)
Can be used standalone or with app

Inside the Box

Acaia Lunar Coffee Scale
Heat-resistant silicone pad (also can be used to hold porta-filter)
100g calibration weight
Micro-USB cable

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 105mm(W) x 105mm(L) x 15.5mm(H)
Aprox. weight: 270g
Battery: USB rechargeable
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0