Able Stainless Steel DISK Aeropress Filter – Standard Aeropress DISK Filter


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The Able DISK is a reusable stainless steel filter designed to be used with the Aeropress instead of the paper filters it comes with. It fits into the Aeropress filter cap exactly the same way the paper filters do and can be rinsed off and used indefinitely.
Advantages vs. paper
Using a stainless steel filter instead of paper offers a few advantages. Firstly, you eliminate waste and also never run the risk of running out. Some people like to travel with a stainless steel filter because of this advantage.
Secondly, the stainless steel filter is that unlike paper, it does not filter out all of the oils of the coffee, leaving a more full-bodied cup. As such, this filter system offers a nice alternative for those who want an even greater variety of coffees out their Aeropress.
The Able DISK coffee filter comes in two varieties, each with their own advantages:
Standard Aeropress DISK Filter
This version is thick and very durable – it could last as long as your Aeropress does! It also features wider holes which lets more oils and some fines pass through for a fuller bodied cup, more towards the body of French Press.
Fine Aeropress DISK Filter
This version features smaller holes, reducing the amount of fines that come through. The resulting coffee should be cleaner and less full bodied, simpler to what you would get with a paper filter. However, this one is much thinner than the standard filter so it might be easier to damage and may not last quite as long.
For an even finer steel filter and sweeter cup, have a look at the Italian manufactured IMS Aeropress Filter