Abid Clever Coffee Dripper


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If you’re looking for an easy, effective and affordable way to make a single cup of coffee, the Abid Clever Coffee Dripper may be your ideal coffee maker. This very cleverly engineered coffee dripper allows you to make delicious coffee without the need for special accessories or highly precise measurements.
The Clever Coffee Dripper actually combines the best of two coffee brewing methods – immersion and pour-over/filter. Like the ever-popular French Press, it fully immerses the coffee in the water, allowing for maximum flavour extraction and control over brewing time. However, because it uses a filter paper, you get rid of all that mud and sediment that some people don’t like in a plunger.
The secret is in the special little valve at the bottom of the Clever Dripper. Rather than having an open hole through which water and coffee start to pour right away, the Clever Dripper holds its coffee until you place it on top of a cup! That way, you can control your extraction time without having to mess around with grind settings or pour-over kettles.
Even better, the Abid Clever Coffee Dripper can use standard (size 1 x 4) coffee filters that you can get in any grocery store. However, we find the absolute best results with Hario Size 03 filters. Made of BPA-free plastic, the Clever Dripper is easy to clean in your sink and can easily travel with you wherever you might want to brew a great cup of coffee! Whether for the office or home, buy the Clever Dripper for a hassle-free and flavourful cup of coffee!
Note: The Clever Dripper does not come with filters in the box. Please make sure to purchase filters if you need them.
Product features

Easy to use and easy to clean
Made of durable BPA-free, heat-resistant plastic
Uses standard 1 x 4 wedge-shaped coffee filters
~500ml max capacity (ideal for a single mug)
Special valve holds liquid when free-standing and releases liquid when on top of a cup or other vessel
Comes with a lid to retain heat during brewing
Comes with a plastic coaster to place the dripper on after brewing

How to brew with a Clever Dripper

Boil enough water for 2-3 mugs and allow it to cool to ~93C (2-3 mins off the boil)
Fold along the seams of your filter (to help it sit well) and place it in the Clever Dripper
Fill the Dripper with hot water to rinse the filter
Drain the rinse water from your Clever by placing it on top of your cup (this will heat the cup)
Put your Clever Dripper back on the counter or coaster and fill it with the ~20g medium-coarse coffee grounds
Add in ~300ml of the hot water (almost filling the cone) & stir
Let it brew for 2-3 mins stirring once or twice to aid extraction
Dump the heating water out of your cup and place the Clever Dripper on top to start draining
Give it a stir while it drains – this will help speed things up
Pull the Clever Dripper off the cup and place it onto the coaster at ~4 mins which should be when a standard mug is full

Note: There may be a little bit of liquid left in the Clever Dripper when you stop the brew – this last bit will take a long time to drain and may be a bit bitter so best not to wait!