Myths About Coffee That Are Not True: Part 1

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I’m sure you’ve heard the tales, the fables of either horrific or terrific things happening to coffee lovers. “Did you hear? Greg stunted his growth from drinking coffee!”, or “Coffee is the key to losing weight. Drink more and you will surely slim down!” and “Yeah, man! You’ll totally sober up if you have a coffee!” are some of the common, insane misconceptions and old-lived myths that we need to discuss.

Not only are these myths ‘myths’, but they can also be dangerous to our health and the health of others. Here are 3 myths about coffee that are certainly not true.

Myth I: Coffee Will Sober You Up

Let’s address perhaps one of the most dangerous myths about our beloved cup of coffee. The reason this old-wives tale has lived on for so long is that coffee – or rather the stimulating chemical in coffee called caffeine – has the effect of making us feel more alert.

Caffeine releases a hormone in our brain called adrenaline which, when released, puts our bodies into a fight-or-flight mode, honing down our senses and sharpening our awareness. However, this by no means implies that the impact of alcohol on your cognitive abilities is alleviated.

This dangerous myth about coffee is potentially harmful to everyone; not just the person drinking coffee. Once a person feels more ‘awake’ when they’re intoxicated, it can lead them to make decisions – such as driving – that could end up hurting them and everyone else involved. So next time you mate tells you that they’re fine after a few bears and they just need some coffee, tell them to Uber home or crash at your place.

Myth II: Coffee Helps You Lose Weight

Another ‘ah oh’ myth that certainly isn’t true. Caffeine – the active ingredient in coffee that brings about stimulating effects – can certainly increase your metabolism, but not enough for it to change your body’s relationship with digestion, and certainly isn’t enough for a long term fix. Caffeine, however, can suppress hunger for a brief period, but there is a lack of evidence that proves long term consumption can help you lose weight.

If you want to utilize caffeine to suppress your hunger so that you can fast or skip a meal, make sure you drink caffeine responsibly!

Myth III: All Cups Of Coffee Contain Equal Amounts Of Caffeine

Not true at all! It all boils down to the way the coffees are brewed, and each cup of coffee is brewed slightly differently. Many coffee lovers report high spikes of anxiety when trying out a new café, and this is because each cup of coffee is made slightly differently.


While there are many more myths out there for us to debunk, these are some of the few that could not keep on living. For more about caffeine and coffee, check out our other blogs on our page. Happy brewing! 


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