How To Make Coffee Taste Unique

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Without our morning-fix, some of us coffee lovers may lose our motorfunction. Like an engine needs oil to lube the mechanism, we coffee lovers need caffeine to fuel our days. If you’ve been drinking coffee and are seeking some alternative ways to fix up a cup for yourself, then you’ve come to the right place.

Coconut Oil

Adding coconut oil to your cup of coffee can bring about a delicious creamy consistency and an aroma of coconut. Whether you add milk or not, adding some coconut oil into your coffee can increase the amount of energy you receive, too.

organic coconut oil


Whether you’re trying to pamper up your coffee flavoring skills or want to replace your sweeteners with something more wholesome, adding cinnamon into your cup of coffee can greatly deepen the spectrum of your coffee’s flavor. Make sure not to overdo it though. Start with a sprinkle and gradually add more until it hits your sweet spot.

Cinnamon sticks


Cold-brewing your coffee comes with more benefits than just chilling down your throat. If the coffee beans are soaked overnight in water (for 12 hours) and strained afterwards, it will result in a cup of cold-brew coffee with less acidity than traditional coffee.

Cold-brew coffee

Coffee Ice Cubes

Freezing your coffee in ice-cube trays and adding them frozen to a glass of milk can bring about the creamiest, most pleasing iced-coffee experience.

Ice tray for coffee


Adding a drop of essence (eg. vanilla or almond essence)  to your cup of coffee, hot or cold, will bring about wholesome aromas that one craves when thinking about Starbucks cinnamon lattes. Concentrated flavors are a great way to spice things up without having to leave your home.

Flavors and syrups

Add Salt

If you’re drinking a cup of coffee too bitter to sip through, add a pinch of salt to help it smoothen itself out.

A pinch of sea salt

Drink It Hot Or Cold, But Not Too Old

Coffee’s flavor is best experienced at either peak temperature or at ice-chilled temperatures but often tastes bland if left unattended for too long. In Italy, espressos are served like shooters by the pub. The customer orders the espresso standing up and drinks it down as fast and as hot as possible, as the espresso’s taste decays into bitterness as the coffee cools down.

An Espresso being prepared

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