How To Be a Barista: Tips And Tricks For All New Baristas

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If you love a good cup of coffee, then becoming a barista may be one of the best careers or side hustles you’ll ever have.

Being a barista is a demanding job in the catering industry. They need to be able to produce a wide range of coffees, have latte art skills, as well as knowing the intricacies of coffee flavors in order to be successful in their field. Whether it’s a cup of espresso or a cappuccino with skimmed milk, baristas will master every type of coffee there is to make.

So, without further adieu, here are simple barista tips and tricks for all new baristas.

Latte Art

How To Be A Barista – Tips And Tricks

Know The Lingo

Do you know the common terms for small medium and large coffees? What does “I’ll take a triple skinny with wings” mean? If you’re unsure, you need to get clued up on all your coffee lingo in order to grow good barista skills and excel in customer service.

Barista in a coffee shop

Practice At Home

Practice makes perfect. If you want to leave an impactful impression on customers, you’ll want to know how to make the perfect espresso with every type of milk.

Homemade coffee

Know The Coffee And The Coffee Shop

True coffee artisans or coffee connoisseurs know everything about the coffee they serve. Have a coffee tasting session with different roasted coffee beans and see if you can spot the differences. Get clued up on your regular customers, and know when to expect the slower times, the busy times, and the beautiful morning rush. To become a barista champion, you’ll need to think on your feet when it comes to customers. Did your customer just say that they’re lactose intolerant? Offer an alternative to milk! 

Coffee shop

Love What You Do

Do you have a favorite coffee? Do you want to be a champion barista in the coffee industry? Do you want to achieve customer satisfaction and bond with your favorite customers? Are you interested in learning about coffee in your spare time, like espresso extraction? You need to love the coffee scene and strive to become a coffee expert if you want to excel in this field.

espresso machine

How Difficult Is Barista Training?

Every course is different, and good courses take around 3 months to complete. If you are good at working fast, then training should be easy. A coffee glossary is easy to learn, and after a while, your coffee-making skills will be superb. You need to make sure that you are good at making many coffees, fast. You also need to know how fine to grind your coffee beans, how to use basic espresso machines, and what the lingo for all the different coffee drinks are. The best course we can recommend is by Truth Coffee at their Barista Academy.

Barista training

Is The Term Barista For Males or Females?

Barista is an Italian word, meaning a person, male or female, who serves hot drinks (often espressos) behind a bar. 

How Much Does A Good Barista Earn?

In South Africa, Baristas earn around R6000 per month. Every country is different and will depend on the place you score a barista job.

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