The Different Types Of Coffee You Can Choose From

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Coffee isn’t just coffee. If you are someone who drinks it on a regular basis, then you are going to know that already. The only thing, how do you know which coffee is which? If you are someone who cannot tell the difference between a Latte and a Cappuccino, then let us educate you on the variety of coffees that you can choose from.

Espresso (Short Black)

Okay, so one of the most basic types of coffees that you can order is the Espresso. However, what you should never underestimate about this particular coffee is that it is the base for so many other coffees out there. An espresso comes in a small cup and is just black coffee in its simplest form.

Short Macchiato

A short macchiato is much like an espresso, but it has one major difference. It comes with a dollop of steamed milk placed on top of the coffee, offering a cream aftertaste to what could be seen as the harshness of an espresso. A long macchiato is when you add two shorts of espresso (double espresso) and then top with the steamed milk, making a slightly bigger drink.

Americano (Long Black)

A larger take on an espresso, the idea behind an americano is that you add some hot water to an espresso shot, creating an extracted version of an espresso that is longer but still packed full of flavour.


The perfect coffee for someone who isn’t a huge fan of the harshness that can come with coffee, the latte is espresso based. But, it comes with steamed milk and micro-foam, both of which are added to the coffee. A latte is much sweeter than a standard espresso, and, if you want to, you could also add syrups to it to make it even sweeter or more flavoured.


Similar to a latte, the main difference between a latte and a cappuccino is that it comes with a whole lot more foam on the top. It also comes with plenty of chocolate sprinkled on the top. It is also served in a standard cup, rather than in a tumbler glass.

Flat White

A different take on the cappuccino, the idea of a flat white is that is looks and tastes much the same, but it doesn’t have any of the foam or the chocolate on the top, making it a simpler coffee to enjoy.


If you are not sure that you want to go all the way with your coffee drink, then you might want to consider ordering a mocha. A mocha is a mixture of a cappuccino and a hot chocolate. The chocolate powder is mixed with an espresso shot, before steamed milk is added and then a micro-foam is placed on the top.

As you can see, there are so many different types of coffee that you can choose from, you never have to get bored when it comes to popping to your local coffee shop for a treat.

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