Common Coffees:

The range of different coffee drinks is vast. Whether you love a smooth dark roast, a creamy sweet treat or something in between, we all wonder what the difference between a cappuccino and a caffé latte is, at least once!

What Is The Difference Between A Cappuccino And A Caffé Latte?

The difference is not found in their ingredients, but rather the way the ingredients are put together by the barista. Both drinks require an espresso shot, steamed milk and foamed milk. Both hot beverages originate from Italy and are traditionally consumed in the morning with breakfast.

What Is A Cappuccino?

A cappuccino uses all its ingredients in an even distribution. Usually served in a 200ml cup layered evenly with 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 foamed milk. It’s important to note that no blending of the ingredients should take place during the process, and that the espresso to milk ratio is 1:1

What Is A Caffé Latte?

A café latte combines the espresso and milk ingredients at the very start and is usually served in a much larger cup, making the espresso-to-milk ratio 1:2, twice the ratio of a cappuccino. Then the milk is steamed and turned into microfoam, and tops off the rest of the cup.

What Is A Caffé Americano?

Perhaps one of the most common coffees, due to it’s popularity for home brewers, a caffé americano is simply an espresso topped up with hot water with the option to add milk at the end. Sound familiar? That’s because you’re probably doing this every morning with instant or plunger coffee!

What Is a Caffé Mocha?

A caffé mocha is the chocolate sibling to a caffé latte, with the chocolate being added on top of the espresso.

What Is A Flat White?

Like the caffé mocha is the sibling to a caffé latte, the flat white is the sibling to a cappuccino. The only difference between a flat white and a cappuccino is that the flat white is purely steamed milk and has no milk foam on top.

Bottom Line:

Next time you wander into a coffee shop and take a quick whiz through their menu, you will now know with confidence how each common coffee is made.