Chardonnay Deli: A Cozy Coffee Spot In Constancia, Cape Town, South Africa

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An Exquisite Cozy Coffee Spot

Chardonnay Deli is a restaurant and deli that lies in-between Hout Bay and the Southern Suburbs in Cape town. At the foot of the Constantia Neck is where you will find this cozy coffee spot, where you and your loved ones can come and enjoy a cup of coffee with some outstanding breakfasts and lunches.

Chardonnay Deli, Cape Town, constantia
Inside Chardonnay Deli, Cape Town

Passion. People. And Perseverance.

“Passion. People. And Perseverance.” is the motto that echos the deli’s origin story. Charmainne Ann Lilje, the owner and founder of Chardonnay Deli, dreamed of one day becoming a chef and reached great heights in a culinary career. After a tragedy, Charmaine moved away from working for others to working for herself, giving birth to Chardonnay Deli in 2014. You can read the full story about the deli on their website.

Order Coffee Inside, Enjoy Coffee Outside

Once you walk into Chardonnay Deli, you will immediately see the barista whipping up coffees. Place your order with a waitor or sit down outside to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the Constantia trees.

Coffee For Vegans

Chardonnay Deli offers oat and soy milk as dairy alternatives, making this coffee spot perfect for everyone. We sent over someone from the team to try their plant based coffee out, and we can confirm that their baristas are experienced in frothing plant milk. Expect no lumps or curdles, only foam and smiles.

Coffee and croissant
Soy Milk Foam

A Coffee Spot For The History Books

Chardonnay Deli is housed within a historical building that dates back to 1888. The deli is rustic but shimmers with a sleek atmosphere that permeates wherever you look.

Chardonnay Deli, Cape Town, constantia

Food For Flavor

While enjoying a cup of coffee at this vibrant deli, make sure you ask the waitor for a menu. You won’t want to miss out on all the delicious options available. For vegans, you can expect 2-3 extremely well-prepared dishes that will send your taste senses soaring.

avo toast at Chardonnay Deli, Cape Town, constantia
Vegan Avo Toast

Take Away Your Coffee And Meal

If you aren’t feeling too social, but still want to enjoy this deli’s excellent coffee, opt out for a takeaway. We recommend that you take a thorough look through their fridge doors and find the a snack to pair up with your coffee.

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