Cape Town’s Steampunk Coffee Shop: Truth Coffee

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The Truth About Coffee In Cape Town

Coffee shops in Cape Town are not an uncommon place to find a vibrant atmosphere with South Africa’s locals and foreigners buzzing together. In fact, Cape Town has a plethora of amazing, hip and trendy coffee shops, but one that stood out to us this week was the legendary, naturally themed steampunk coffee hub: Truth Coffee.

Coffee To Remember: Truth Coffee Roastery

Walking into Truth Coffee should be all you need to soak up the aesthetic of steampunk that was created by Haldane Martin. The first thing to catch our eye was the vintage roaster.

Truly breathtaking, the raw metal piping and giant old machinery make an unforgettable impact on the senses. Seeing the intricate mechanisms, hearing and smelling the coffee roasting whilst touching the cold, metal surfaces transports one forward in time to a steampunk reality.

This super-cool steampunk roastery has an obvious mission; to make the most outstanding coffee in an equally outstanding environment for people looking for experiences that are out of a story. The giant coffee roasting ‘robot’ in the room itself is a vintage cast iron roaster drum that uses convective heating to roast the coffee beans, giving the coffee a stronger flavor than coffee roasted in traditional steel drums. The flavour of coffee has never been so deep, a true collection of masterful blends.

Truth Coffee’s interior is perhaps as intricate and as detailed as the coffee itself. Everything has intent in Truth, from the old posters; stripped wooden surfaces; leathered chairs to metal pipes, it all whirls around each other like a visual symphony. This truly is one of the most impressive roasteries we have ever seen.

Coming to Truth Coffee is an unforgettable coffee experience and one that will never get old. If that isn’t enough to swoon you over for a cup of coffee, then look to the awards they’ve won. The Daily Telegraph has named them the Worlds Best Coffee shop, twice.

Where Is Truth Coffee?

Truth Coffee is located in the bustling City Centre of Cape Town, on Buitenkant Street. It is a 2-minute walk from the District Six Museum

What’s On The Menu?

This coffee shop offers an incredibly wide variety of coffees, coffee flavors, juices, breakfasts, lunches, and sweet treats. This is only their café, by the way. Their online store is so vast that we recommend you take a look yourself. Find yourself home brewing sets, coffee bean specials, coffee cup sets, accessories, and their unmatched coffee swag.

The Barista Guild

If you’ve ever considered a barista course, Truth Coffee offers industry-standard barista courses that will set you up for the most opulent establishments. Take a look through their offered courses and become a world-class barista.

You can see many more photos of the interior and the designers work over on Heldane Martin’s website.

All photos above are from Shanna Jones.

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