9 Things To Look for When Buying Coffee Beans

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Any chef will let you know the important thing to a scrumptious meal is high-quality elements.

That’s what you’ll hear baristas say if you ask them their secret to a flavorful and fragrant cup of espresso.

After all, different issues matter, too.

Nonetheless, getting one of the best espresso beans is the essential first step to creating a magical cup.

Are you to be taught their secret?

Listed here are 9 issues to search for when shopping for coffee beans.

1. Packaging

coffee packaging

The espresso bean packaging may give you plenty of details about what you might be shopping for.

Nonetheless, a extra necessary packaging element is how a lot it may possibly safe espresso bean freshness. 

Ideally, you will have espresso beans packaged in a vacuum-sealed container with a one-way valve.

The valve promotes degassing whereas stopping exterior air from getting inside.

You don’t want your espresso beans to develop stale or style odd as a result of they will soak up odor molecules from the air.

Degassing can be essential to making sure your espresso beans’ full taste and aroma profile.  


2. Espresso Bean Selection

There’s a good probability your style buds are eager on the Arabica selection due to sweetness, crisp acidity, and gentle bitterness.

They’re your alternative if you don’t prefer to put an excessive amount of caffeine into your physique. 

However, if you’re the kind of one that loves sturdy and daring, Robusta is ideal.

It has a robust caffeine kick, powerful on the stomach, and a biting bitterness. 

Not sturdy sufficient for you?

Chances are you’ll wish to attempt Liberica beans.

They style like Robusta however stronger and with a touch of smokiness.

If you’re craving for an extra-thick physique and taste, your go-to guess is Excelsa.


3. Single-Origin or Espresso Mix?

Much like terroir in winemaking, espresso beans deliver with them the traits of the land the place they develop.

The soil vitamins, local weather, and terrain all contribute to a espresso bean’s distinctive taste, important oil, and aroma traits.

Single-origin espresso comes from just one farm, location, or geographic space. They usually have unique flavors with excessive ranges of range.

These beans could solely be out there seasonally.

However, espresso blends characteristic beans from a number of places, farms, or geographic areas.

For instance, you possibly can have a espresso product of beans from Guatemala, Indonesia, India, and Ethiopia in a single packaging.

These espresso beans can be found all 12 months spherical.

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4. Common or Specialty?

It’s usually not sufficient that individuals get their unusual espresso beans.

Some individuals now search for specialty varieties with distinctive flavors infused throughout the roasting course of.

Many espresso beans at this time have hints of flowers, spices, and fruits in them.

Others could supply espresso beans with delectable notes of cinnamon or sinfully scrumptious aromas of milk chocolate.

What’s extra fascinating is that specialty espresso growers use their distinctive farming abilities to include these fascinating flavors into the espresso plant and never solely through careful roasting.


5. Espresso Processing

Do you know that espresso bean processing also can affect its taste and aroma profile?

For instance, naturally processed espresso beans have unique fruity flavors, wealthy sweetness, heavy physique, vibrant aromas, and low acidity.

These beans endure minimal processing, requiring solely the solar to dry.

However, wet-processed espresso beans have a lightweight physique, taste readability, and excessive acidity.

In addition they are inclined to have extra fascinating flavors than dry-processed cherries.

The beans endure a one to five-day water immersion, eradicating the cherry pores and skin and separating the beans from the cherry.

Honey-processed espresso beans supply distinctive sweetness with medium taste readability, acidity, and physique.

It’s nearly much like moist processing, besides that the water immersion is shorter to keep away from the entire elimination of the mucilage.

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6. Espresso-growing Area

The National Coffee Association says that the world has greater than 50 coffee-growing nations.

Every coffee-growing area affords espresso traits that set them aside.

For instance, Mexican espresso beans have an distinctive taste depth, pronounced sharpness, and great aroma.

Guatemalan espresso has hints of candies or spices in deep and sophisticated flavors with a medium-to-full physique.

However, Colombian espresso is legendary for its delicate and fragrant sweetness. 

Ethiopian espresso beans are common for his or her full-bodied style and down-to-earth but full aromas and flavors.

Espresso beans from Indonesia have gentle acidity, a full physique, and wealthy flavors.

In order for you a barely acidic espresso with a great steadiness of aroma and taste, Vietnamese varieties are excellent.


7. Roast Sort

Lightly roasted espresso beans have the flavors of the farm of origin. The acidity is crisp and the physique is gentle.

You can too distinguish its sweetness and fruity and floral flavors.

It isn’t bitter, both.

Medium roasts nonetheless retain the flavour traits of the farm of origin.

Nonetheless, they’re a bit bitter however nice.

The aromas are wealthy and rounded, with a medium physique, clean acidity, and hints of caramel or honey sweetness with fruity and floral flavors.

Darkish roasts, like French roast are fairly bitter however nonetheless nice.

The sweetness is that of darkish chocolate or molasses and its flavors could be woody, earthy, or deep spicy.

It has a heavy physique, deep and wealthy aromas, and mellow acidity.


8. Recent Roast

All the time test the “Roasted On” label of the espresso beans, not the “Finest Earlier than” date.

It’s important to choose solely freshly roasted espresso beans to make sure most flavors and aromas.

Decide baggage as near the Roasted-On date as potential.

You may also wish to consider degassing, usually requiring just a few days to a couple weeks to finish, relying on the roast and low bean selection. 


9. Espresso Commerce

fair trade coffee

If you happen to imagine in equality, equity, and justice, you may wish to select espresso beans with a Truthful Commerce label.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to do not forget that such a label isn’t a assure of taste high quality.

Some espresso producers favor buying and selling immediately with farmers, slicing the intermediary.

It is best to discover their merchandise extra reasonably priced than others.



Studying the 9 issues to search for when shopping for espresso beans is the essential first step to creating flavorful, wealthy, full-bodied, and fragrant caffeinated drinks.

Whereas roasting, water temperature, and brewing course of are important elements, getting the absolute best espresso bean is an absolute should if one desires a espresso price each penny.


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