53mm vs. 58mm Portafilters – Which Is Best For You?

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The portafilter is a vital a part of your espresso making however with so many choices for sorts and sizes on the market, what precisely is the one you want? 

What’s a portafilter? 

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A portafilter is a spoon-looking machine that stands out out of your espresso machine. 

This machine is what holds your floor espresso beans as espresso photographs are being pulled and extracted from them. 

The portafilter is connected and locked into the grouphead in the course of the brewing course of. 

Portafilters are also referred to as group handles. 

Some smaller espresso machines want just one portafilter, however industrial-grade espresso machines used commercially might have a number of or greater ones. 


Sorts of Portafilters


Pressurized Portafilters: A lot of these portafilters are extra beginner-friendly since they’re already built-in with an extra strain mechanism that occurs in the course of the brewing course of; many manufacturers of espresso machines actually have a toggle on and off for folks needing the characteristic. 

Non-pressurized Portafilters depend on the dosage, the grind dimension, and evenness of the tamp, and strain is derived from the tamped-down espresso as an alternative of within the added mechanism just like the pressurized tamper ones. 

Bottomless Portafilters: also referred to as the naker portafilters, because the title would counsel, this portafilter doesn’t have a backside thus making it a bit of tougher to make use of but it surely provides baristas the possibility to observe and refine their craft of their espresso making; bottomless filters additionally leads to extra crema. 

Pod Portafilter can also be referred to as simple serving espresso pods; they’re handy since all it is advisable to do is pop them in your pod-compatible espresso maker and the espresso shall be prepared very quickly. 


Why is it necessary to find out your portafilter dimension? 

Portafilters are available quite a lot of sorts and sizes and it’s important to know the measurement for a number of causes, listed below are some. 

Realizing your portafilter sizes is necessary if you happen to observe a espresso recipe. Generally, recipes don’t point out how a lot espresso you want however as an alternative use phrases comparable to “the entire portafilter basket” or “half a basket”. 

Realizing your portafilter sizes will guarantee consistency in each espresso shot you make, it is going to guarantee that you’re measuring the correct amount of floor espresso for each brew providing you with a constant tasting shot every time; that is particularly necessary for companies. 

As soon as you already know the proper portafilter or group deal with to make use of you’ll know the perfect tamper dimension to make use of; a tamper is a instrument utilized in espresso making and what it does is pack the espresso floor into the portafilter. 


Learn how to measure portafilter dimension? 

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Baristas and different manufacturing engineers often measure the scale of a portafilter utilizing a pair of measuring calipers however since most homebrewers don’t have that obtainable at house measuring with a tape measure will work simply as effective. 

House measuring a portafilter would require you simply two issues: a measuring tape (a heavy-duty retractable metal one with 1/32 inches) and the second factor is your smartphone to compute the calculations. 

Step one is to measure your portafilter on the centerline, this measurement can also be referred to as a diameter. 

As soon as that’s finished, change the measure in decimals; for instance, in case your measured 2 ⅓ inches change the worth to decimal unit, the brand new worth shall be 2.33. 

The following factor to do is convert the brand new worth to millimeters and also you do that by multiplying 2.33 by 25.4 and you’re going to get the worth 59.28 millimeters. 

Right here’s a bit of bonus to find out the tamper dimension you’ll need for a 58 millimeters portafilter, and also you get this by subtracting 0.75 from 59.28 and you’re going to get 58.43 millimeters. 

Spherical it up or spherical it all the way down to an entire quantity and you’re going to get 58 millimeters. 


53 mm portafilter advantages

  • Smaller portafilters just like the 53 millimeters portafilter cut back channeling and channeling occurs when water finds a slim path to pour in as an alternative of flowing via your grind espresso bean mattress.
  • 53-millimeter portafilters additionally usually are available pressurized baskets that are extra forgiving and simpler to make use of. 

53 mm portafilter drawbacks

  • Smaller portafilters are often synonymous with lower-priced espresso machines, though it’s not at all times the case. 
  • Smaller portafilter dimension often means much less flexibility ensuing within the much less quantity of floor espresso beans you’ll be able to match inside. 
  • Smaller portafilter dimension additionally means fewer espresso dimension decisions. 
  • Smaller portafilters often have ridges on the within that faces inwards this decreases area for tempering, and 53 millimeters portafilter often has these ridges. 
  • Tamper sizes are often tougher to seek out and procure for this dimension of portafilter except you purchase from the model itself and so they often are costlier. 
  • If you’re somebody who likes a stronger espresso and occasional with greater caffeine content material, greater portafilters is perhaps higher at extracting stronger photographs. 

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58 mm portafilter advantages 

  • 58 mm portafilters are the usual dimension and most conventional portafilter sizes on the market. 
  • These portafilters are utilized by baristas and are commonplace to among the biggest espresso makers just like the Gaggia Basic and the La Marzocco Strada, thus making them the selection for a lot of espresso connoisseurs as a result of they incorporate 58 mm portafilters with high quality. 
  • 58 mm portafilters supply extra flexibility as a result of it has extra room for floor espresso beans. 
  • The bigger group handles additionally imply extra espresso dimension decisions. 
  • Since 58 millimeters portafilters don’t often have the ridges that the majority 53 millimeter portafilters do, tampers will be capable to pack floor espresso beans within the portafilter. 
  • You may get the next caffeine content material with a bigger portafilter.

58 mm portafilter drawbacks

  • Because the 58 mm portafilter has a wider diameter, because of this finer espresso grinds are wanted so that there’s much less resistance to water movement. 



So what dimension or kind of portafilter is one of the best for you? 

It depends upon what you might be searching for within the espresso made by your espresso machine, it’s a matter of private alternative, and often, it is advisable to strive each earlier than settling for one. 



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