Coffee Spots In Cape Town To Drink A Takeaway: 5 Great Spots

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Cape Town is the most beautiful city in South Africa and the vibe in Cape Town is great everywhere.  Thanks to Cape Town’s locals, a beautiful and diverse flavour is added to the atmosphere. There’s a vibe in Cape Town that can’t be experienced anywhere else. If you’re chilling near the city centre’s streets (Wale Street, Hudson street, church street, etc), you might be lost for choice as to where to find the perfect spot.

If you’re a fellow coffee lover, you’re probably wondering where the perfect place to chill and drink a cup of coffee would be. Don’t worry, lovely people, we got your back. Here is a list of 5 great coffee spots in Cape Town to drink a takeaway.

5 Great Coffee Spots In Cape Town To Drink A Takeaway

Signal Hill

Signal Hill has one of the best views of the city bowl and the surrounding areas of Cape Town. From the top, you can spend time watching the clouds roll over the mother city and see the most popular streets from the top. See if you can spot Woodstock, Loop street, Buitenkant street, Bree street, or Kloof street from the top.

If you want to drink a hot cup of coffee made from outstanding beans while you’re on Signal Hill, grab a takeaway coffee from Bootlegger Coffee Company on Kloof Street. Their coffees truly are outstanding and they use amazing coffee beans in their roasting process.

Signal Hill and Lion's Head in Cape Town
Signal Hill

Table Mountain

With an even broader and higher view of the mother city, standing on the top of Table Mountain drinking excellent coffee is an indescribable experience (Can you see Woodstock from the top?). The space on the mountain top is so breathtaking that you may never want to leave Cape Town. There are food shops on Table mountain with beautiful menus and a gift shop with a wide selection of goodies for your family.

 Table Mountain in Cape Town
Table Mountain

Cape Town’s Bustling Streets

With your takeaway coffee, take a walk along these famous streets, down to their corners, and experience the heart of the mother city in all her glory.

  • Kloof Street
  • Wale Street
  • Loop Street
  • Long Street
  • Buitenkant Street
  • Bree Street
  • Strand Street

Each street will be packed with quality shops, trendy coffee shops/cafés, and unique locations. Some classic options for an outstanding selection of quality coffees:

  • Bootlegger Coffee Company
  • Truth Coffee Roasting Café
  • Seattle Coffee Company
  • House of Machines
houses  in Cape Town
City Centre

Camps Bay

Much like the vibe of the city centre, Camps Bay is packed with cafés, restaurants with amazing menus, and a beach for you to dig your toes into. The space at the beach can be busy on weekends, so go in the week mornings with some sweet treats and a takeaway coffee to experience one of the coolest locations in Cape Town.

Camps Bay in Cape Town
Camps Bay


The burst of young, trendy energy happening in the mother city finds its origin in Woodstock. Here you will find some of the coolest coffee shops in Cape Town, with amazing food menus and speciality coffees. Go get a takeaway coffee and walk the main street to witness art on the walls, owners in their shops working with pride and style, music being played by the community, and a wide selection of stores and cafés. Woodstock truly is one of Cape Town’s most amazing locations.

Yellow van  in Cape Town
Wood Stock Vibe


While there are far more spots in Cape Town to drink your takeaway, these spots are a must-see for any newcomer to the Cape. Cape Town offers a wide selection of coffees and coffee shops that use different beans, so it can be overwhelming to choose from so many hot spots. One thing is for sure though, Cape Town is full of wild experiences.

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