3 Ways To Make Coffee Without A Coffee Machine

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There are so many ways to make a cup of coffee. No matter which process is your favorite, however, all require the same starting materials: Coffee grounds or whole coffee beans, hot water, and a coffee-making tool (like an espresso machine) And yes, dear coffee drinkers, milk is not an essential item for quality coffee. If you buy whole grounds, make sure you have access to a coffee grinder. Grinders will take your beans and turn them into a course, ground-like consistency for you to use in your tools, such as a filter paper or machine. 

While coffee shops in the west generally use coffee machines as their primary brew method, eastern coffee shops serve coffee with a dripper instead. We’ve chosen a handful of different brewing methods to give you a comprehensive list of ways you can make a cup of Joe at home.

Our Favourite Ways To Make Coffee Without A Coffee Machine

French Press Coffees  

One of our favorite coffee brewing methods is to use a classic plunger. It’s easy, it’s affordable, and it produces damn fine coffee. All you need to do to get a beautiful cup of coffee out of a plunger is the following:

Add two tablespoons of coffee grounds to the coffee filter

After the kettle has cooled down from a boiling temperature, pour the hot water over the grounds and stir. 

Let it sit for about 5 minutes. Plunge down gently and serve!


Most famous in the east, we think this method produces some of the best tasting coffee we’ve ever had. It may be challenging to get your hands on a dripper, but there are some available options in South Africa. TRUTH Coffee sells a gorgeous looking one, for a steep cost though. 

Find a guide on how to use a dripper here! The brew time for drippers may be slightly longer than an espresso machine but makes up for it with its flavor production. Unlike the pour-over coffee method, you won’t need paper filters.

On The Stove

No, we don’t mean using a percolator, although that’s an option too! We mean using a pot, a stove, hot water, and good-old coffee grounds. We love the quality that this method produces, given it’s simplicity. What’s great about adding ground coffee to a pot? You can make the pot of coffee any size you want! You can store coffee overnight and make iced coffee in the morning. 

Simply add water to a pot and stir in the coffee grounds. Get it burning on a medium heat, and once it’s boiling, stir it for 1 minute. Turn off the heat and let it rest for another 4 minutes, stirring occasionally.


Coffee lovers will always find a way to make a cup of fresh coffee. In the coffee community, there is little debate over which method is superior, as it generally comes down to the beans you use when brewing coffee, as well as the way you roast them!

If you’re interested in the benefits of coffee, checkout our blog!

Quick Tips:

Add cocoa powder to your morning coffee for a chocolate zing

Remember, caffeine lasts around 9 hours, so don’t drink anymore in the afternoon, if you can help yourself

Follow the brewing process carefully. You don’t want any burnt undertones.

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